I wanna trade my car for a bike in DURANGO


I wanna trade my car for a bike in DURANGO

Oh yeah! Let's do something useful with this 1997 Saab convertible that's eating up my garage space. I need more room for bikes! I just moved to Denver from the Bay Area and got myself a house 3.5 miles from my work place just so that I can ride my bike to work. Along the way I can pick up my mail, stop by the bank, pick up groceries (and Fat Tire), and even swing by REI if I need bike stuff. So I'm really trying to live a biking lifestyle. I've been riding an older hybrid Bianchi with a beefy rack on the back for the panniers, but I think the angles are wrong for me and it's been doing a number on my 50-year old knees. So I think I need a new/different bike with different/better attack angles so I don't blow out my knees and so that I can keep on pedaling forever!

Janine W.

Beer-brewing Geologist who rides bikes

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