Durango.... more like FUN-rango


Durango.... more like FUN-rango

That was super fun Durango, so fun in fact I have been laying down for a week and a half just trying to regain my footing in the real world. And since I was laying down and the computer was in the other room I have not been able to post on this here blog, and tell you what fun I had.

What was your favorite part? I had two; first was when that fellow dressed as a traffic cone came into the bike pit and acted like an obsticle, that was pure humor. Then number two, the cruise-ade. Man that parade was fun huh? On the bike path and in the neighborhoods, and how about those little shredders on the really tall unicycles? Those kids were pretty cool. Everybody was so friendly, the people on the sidewalks waving, the police, the cars in traffic...Then when we went through Main Street (I think it was main, but I'm from out-of-town), everybody hootin' and hollerin' waving and wishing everybody a happy Saturday, bliss I tell you.

Then after the Tour De Fat yours truely went to the Abbey Theater and saw Paper Bird and March Forth, holy smokes that was the best. I have seen Paper Bird a whole bunch of times this summer and they always impress, but seeing them inside is a totally different feel, real great. Then March Forth did what they do... put on an awe inspiring show (so awe-inspiring in fact I danced, and sweated (seriously, thats a word)). That was fantastic.

Thank you Durango (or should I say FUN-rango) for all the good times.

-Juice Box

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