Austin, you're the best...


Austin, you're the best...

well, I am back at the beer factory now and trying to scoop up what remains my mind being blown by your lovely town.  What a week.  There were good times had all over the place, but I would like to outline my Friday for you: woke up very early (6:30 in the am (until this summer I was unaware there was a 6:30 in the morning, I thought 6:30 just happened once, much later in a day)).  Then went to Fiesta Gardens to set up the big show.  That went very well, we had good help and and a great plan and things went smoothly, as if we were skating on a freshly Zambonied pond.  After set up was done I went back to the hotel and showered (much needed, due in part to the humidity in Texas).  I cleaned myself up real nice, brushed the chompers and made my (accompianied by the rest of the TDF crew) way over to the Sustainable Waves work space (they are the staging company we have been using on the TDF for quite some time now) and we ate delicious tacos and drank Lone Star and chatted about all the good times.  When our fill was had and when foil ball bowling came to an end we pushed forward to the Compound (this is where the folks from Nomad Sound (the sound company for the TDF) call home), just in time to catch Paper Bird, those guys sure can play.  We had more good times there with music and beers and nice people.  Then the crew split up, some stayed at the Compound and some of us went next door to the Scoot Inn.  There we enjoyed an immense patio and more live music, it was alright (and by alright I mean super awesome).  We danced and joked and somehow got in for free.  There was a cat at the bar named Mr. Cat, he was a little bitey and sharp, but what are you going to do but keep on trying to pet him, then get bitten on the thumb and laugh and howl because you knew it was coming.  Then the night was drawing to a close and we all walked back to the hotel to get some rest for the big show on Saturday.  Friday night was super and I wish all my Friday night's to come are just as super.

Then the big show, wow.

Mucca Pazza is pretty great huh?

That call and response thingy they did was real cool, playing over the top of the crowd made for some fun, and everybody was into it.
Highlight of the day though had to be the parade. If you missed out on it don't ever miss out on it again, great music pulled by the carnies, tons of hooting and hollering, then that sweet back and forth high five section, what a great way to start out a day.

Thanks for everyone who came, team TDF had one a laugh per minute (and in some cases a much higher ratio).
see you next year Austin


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