Goodbye 2008...


Goodbye 2008...

Well the 2008 Tour De Fat season has come to a close and frankly world, I am a little weepy. There has been many fun times in many fun places, great shows, great parties, great parades, great carnage, great creativity, and (ahem) decent blogging.

I would like to extend my hand upwards and offer you, the wonderful people of the world an enthusiastic high five (capitol H and capitol F implied). Team TDF couldn't have done it without you (well we could have, but it would have been a gigantic waste of time and energy, and think of how silly we would have looked sitting in the park with all those tents popped and that stage built and the big balloon in the air and no crowd of people to enjoy it, we would have looked silly indeed).

A lovely winter season to you and yours, and I will see you next year.

-the Juice-Box

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