Get your vote on!


Get your vote on!

We hope you all are exercising your right to vote today!

For a little inspiration, here's a message from our co-founder and CEO, Kim Jordan. She wrote this after meeting Barack Obama when he visited Fort Collins:

Somehow, I was selected to be one of about 10 people who were invited to meet Senator Obama.  After a crazy chase of trying to figure out how to get to the right spot by 2pm, (it involved climbing under a truck and ripping my skirt, but thatâs another story), I met up with the other folks.  We were escorted to the administration building at CSU and waited nervously for about a half an hour.

Senator Obama rode up on a bus from Denver with Congressman Mark Udall, Senator Ken Salazar and Governor Bill Ritter.  They apparently talked a lot about New Belgium, so when I met Senator Obama, he was already familiar with our brewery.  He said that he was impressed with all of our renewable energy and conservation work and if it weren't for leaving directly to go "see his girls" he would have stopped by for a tour and a beer.  He said he'd be back when he's President.  I told him that I admired his leadership in inspiring us as Americans to come together and be great, and that all of us at New Belgium are working toward that same goal.   - Kim

U.S. Senator and Presidential candidate Barak Obama poses with Kim Jordan prior to Obama's appearance at a rally on the Colorado State University Oval, October 26, 2008.

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