Can it be? A new Tap Handle with folly?!


Can it be? A new Tap Handle with folly?!

Yes folks, for the first time in New Belgium's 17-year history, we are introducing a new tap handle.

In typical New Belgium fashion, we took what was important to us and our retail partners, applied non-conventional thinking and conceived a handle unlike anything in the marketplace. Then we found local sources to manufacture and bring the vision to life. Now, where wood, enamel and big bulbous heads reign supreme, we entered a slender, aluminum bike rim that reflects New Belgium â literally.

And while our dedicated sales team, (we so fondly refer to as "Beer Rangers") are more than competent in delivering said handles, the creative folks had to get a piece of the action, too:

Fortunately for our favorite bartenders and restaurant owners, the creatives will go back to our desks now.

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