Perfect Skinny Dipping weather


Perfect Skinny Dipping weather

If you've ever wondered whether or not your car reads negative temperatures, today would provide the answer. My car displayed negative seven on the way to work. And I was thinking about Skinny Dipping.

Last week, our creative crew headed out to California to photograph the 2009 Skinny Dip ad. In case you're unfamiliar, New Belgium has created ads that focus on water advocacy and our summer seasonal, Skinny Dip beer.


At New Belgium we realize the importance of clean water and protecting our rivers, not only because our beer production depends on it, but because all living things need clean, free-flowing water. Which brings us to the ocean and our Skinny Dip ad for 2009.

Together with local activists and concerned citizens, we're taking up the cause around one of the ten most endangered rivers: San Mateo Creek. This temporal river creates the legendary Trestles surf break.

The whole story will be revealed in our ad, so look for it in your favorite magazine come May. Until then, enjoy some warm holiday cheer and, more appropriately, 2 Below beer.

New Belgium Brand Activist, Adrian Glasenapp, gets set up for the shoot.


Photographer John Johnston on location with Surfrider's Alexis Henry.

Photographs courtesy of Mark Rauscher.

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