It's a tank-ful time of year


It's a tank-ful time of year

Check out our new tanks! Congratulations to everyone's hard work getting these beer-bearing beauties in place.

So, what's so cool about the new tanks?

  • One of these tanks would hold more than half a million 12oz bottles worth of beer. Thatâs about what our bottling line can do in a day.
  • There are 8 new tanks: 7 Maturation Vessels (MV) and 1 Bright Beer Tank (BBT).
  • MVâs hold beer that has been fermented and blended for aging and flavor maturation. Beer goes in âgreenâ and comes out flavor-stable. These tanks are always held at -1C.
  • The BBT is the fourth one that size. BBTâs are the last step in the brewing process, containing cold, clear, ready-to-package beer. Bottling and kegging will draw right from this tank.
  • The tanks donât have legs; they actually sit on top of the building. The building, accordingly, is very sturdy: it is held up by huge concrete pillars that go all the way down to bedrock, about 28 feet deep.

Thanks to our in-house photo genius, Tye Eyden, we got this great time lapse video. It pairs perfectly with music by our dear friend, Mike Jung.

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