A new home for The Tinkerer


A new home for The Tinkerer

New year, new beers to cheer, new blog subscriptions - hooray!

So, to make sure you're up to pedaling speed on all things New Belgium, please re-subscribe to The Tinkerer, our news-worthy blog. (Hint: the Subscribe button is in a little box on the upper right side when you're in The Tinkerer section.)

Yes, this means even if you subscribed before, you need to subscribe again on our new, tasty website. Not only is it home to The Tinkerer, but also our other sites including FollowYourFolly.com, the Tour de Fat blog, Team WonderBike and a new beer section that incorporates food pairings. Yum.

Yes, we brought it all together in one hoppy commune to make it more enjoyable for you. We really do love you and so appreciate the time you take to read and engage with us. In fact, we even created a new Community section. So, if you're social-networking savvy, you can follow us on Twitter, Facebook and all things video. We'll do our best to keep it fresh.

Come celebrate the new-ness of it all!

Wishing you and yours a 2009 filled with beautiful bike rides and delightfully good beer,

Your Friends at New Belgium Brewing

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