Things are looking up


Things are looking up

Reading the newspapers lately is a real downer. But, finding ways to save money, reduce your environmental impact and stay healthy seem to be the best thing you can do as an individual. Go Team You! Or, maybe it's better to do it together? Go Team WonderBike!

Yes, our very own Team WonderBike spokesmodel is someone who does just that: commutes 5 miles every day by bike in the rain, snow, wind or shine. We all look up to him. And those of you in Denver can look up to him, too. Big Bry, as we now refer to him, is on 5 billboards across the Denver metro area promoting the simple motto of Team WonderBike: Bike More. Drive Less.

The above billboard is located on Federal Blvd between I-76 and I-70. Yes, that "Cash for Cars" sign is for real.

Want a piece of it? When these super-sick billboards come down, we are going to repurpose them into super-sick messenger bags. Join Team Wonderbike and youâll be the first to know when they are available.

What else is positive? Our fans. Seriously, you are why we are able to make âour love and talent manifest." Keep us in the loop on whatâs going on in your world by hooking up with us on Facebook, Twitter and our forums.

Keeping you in the loop with things New Belgium:
>Great comments on this story in the New York Times Green Inc. section.
>Weâre partnering with Transportation for America because we truly believe in the movement they are creating.
>On a similar note, weâre happy to see a bicycle community center planned for Los Angeles come to fruition.
>We finally made it to the Atlantic! Look for New Belgium beers across North Carolina March 2.
>One of our favorite beers, Mighty Arrow, made it into our seasonal line-up. Perfect for Spring and pairing with tasty edibles.

That's it! Sorry it's been so long. I'll write more soon. Promise.

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