Going Platinum


Going Platinum

Recently the League of American Bicyclists awarded New Belgium Brewing their platinum-level Bicycle Friendly Business award. We are one of the first two businesses ever to receive their highest-level ranking. Team Wonderbike elevated our nomination to the top, so join the movement that's biking the nation!

The new Bike Racks in town

For you friendly Fort Collins cyclists, there is now a place to lock your bike and look cool. This fun pilot-program was initiated by the city, (kudos!) designed by BHA Designs and fabricated by M&R Fabricators. New Belgium donated the funds and our own bicycling guru, Ryan McKee sheparded the whole project. (He appropriately has a beard. And a staff.)

Speaking of Trasportation for all

Remember we told you we had become a partner of Transportation 4 America? There's a new piece of legislation you should know about:

CLEAN-TEA is legislation that was just introduced by Senators Carper (DE) and Specter (PA) in the Senate, as well as Representatives Blumenauer (OR), LaTourette (OH), and Tauscher (CA) in the House. This legislation would dedicate 10 percent of the revenues from a cap-and-trade climate bill to states and communities to create transit, rail, walking, biking, and smart growth infrastructure. In order to be eligible, states and regions would be required to create low carbon transportation plans, which would be integrated into their long term transportation plans.

This legislation is critical to not only ensuring we're meeting our climate goals (since transportation is responsible for 1/3 of global warming pollution), but also that we are:
--providing Americans with lower cost, healthier, more convenient travel options
--creating green jobs building out transit, rail, and bike/pedestrian infrastructure
--reducing our dependence on oil, of which the transportation consumes more than 70 percent

That's it! Thanks for letting us bend your ear...or eye, or something.

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