Just a quick note for Friday.


Just a quick note for Friday.

So you folks know the Ladies and Gentleman of Wolverine Farms Publishing are totally awesome right?  Well if you didn't know that information already, you know it now.  But instead of just taking my word for it (which you should, because my word is as good as gold)  I will give you three examples:  Example 1, They run a bookshop called Matter Bookstore (located in the Bean Cycle right in the heart beautiful Old Town Fort Collins).  Its awesome and volunteer run and stocked to the gills with books you want to read.  Example 2. Boneshaker.  This is an outstanding Wolverine Farms publication, and I am not just saying that because inside issue 42-200 you will find a work penned by yours truly.  "Boneshaker; a Bicycling Almanac"  is a periodical (called such because it comes out periodically) based around the coolest things there are; bicycles and bicycle riding.  Example 3.  They come on the road with us.  When we start bringing the good Tour de Fat times towards you with our trucks packed full of fun, Wolverine Farms is traveling towards you as well.  They bring books, and lessons of sustainability, and smiles, lots and lots of smiles.

So next time you're in Old Town head into the bookshop and buy something that will make you smarter, and when you see the Wolverine Farms folks out on the road this summer wave, and show them your smile-face.



ps. I really wanted to put this photo up (because it is hilarious) but couldn't seem to work it in very well, so I'm tacking it on to the end:

isn'the handsome

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