Let the Monday begin.


Let the Monday begin.

Hey everybody.  Its Monday and the weekend is over.  I hope your personal collection of fun-days was as mind-blowing as mine. 

Lets have a contest, I'll tell you about mine then in return you can tell me about yours, and then we can all vote on who's weekend was the most awesome. 

Friday night:  Left work and headed home.  Did some wandering through my house just knowing that there was something I was supposed to be doing.  I soon stopped caring about that (I figured if I couldn't remember, why torture myself), and headed out on the town.  Met some lovely folks out and about, and enjoyed a couple beers.  We chatted about how jet-lag is a myth (I was the only one who felt this way), and how eating and entire box of mac and cheese in one sitting is a bad idea (I was the only one hard facts in this discussion).  Then I took my leave and had a bicycle ride home in light and pleasent drizzle.

Saturday: Parked bikes for the Fort Collins Bike Co-op. I helped valet and guard bicycles during the coolest craft show of all, the spring sale for the Handmade Militia and that was real nice. The weather was decent enough (not a lot of rain) and parking bikes is right up my alley.  Hanging out with nice people, parking bikes, drinking coffee, it was the best Saturday I have had in a while.  Then I took my leave and rode my bicycle home in a heavier, but still pleasent rain.

Saturday night: Ate pizza and fell asleep early in preperation for Sunday's good times.

Sunday: Brunch on bikes.  We met at Brave New Wheel at 10am and then rode bikes to eat brunch.  I had a tofu scramble and toast, it was real tastey.  Then we all played bike polo for like 4 hours in City Park.  Man, it was a great time.  There was goals and carnage and no serious injuries (although this fellow Steve took a mallet to the face, he was fine, so no big deal).  It was sunny out and not to hot.  I thought all the rain we've been having would have muddled up our surface, but that was not the case, the surface was perfect.  Then we all went to my house and drank Sunshine from a can.  Sunday was a real success.

Sunday night: Fell asleep on the couch watching Sportscenter.

Now its Monday and the memories are all I have left.  So tell me about your weekend, and how much fun it was, then we all can vote, and when the dust settles we will see who did the best at avoiding the bummer life.



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