Costume Ideas


Costume Ideas

So, everybody knows that when you show up at a Tour de Fat you should be wearing a costume right (again, you should be taking my word for it)?  Even as TDF employees we wear costumes.  And I have been turning myself inside-out trying to figure what to wear this up-coming season.  I want it to be poignant, and hitting, yet delicate.  I want it to being easy to wear, and most of all, I want to look very handsome.  Well this morning it hit me like piano falling out of a window. 

I am going to make a Scott Baio costume!

I think dressing as Scott Baio is going to be the coolest idea to hit the festival circuit.  It falls in to all of my criteria; poignant, hitting, delicate, easy to wear, not to mention very, very handsome.  This is the "Charles in Charge" years too, high waisted jeans, solid color t-shirt, very white teeth and a fantastic haircut. 


His handsome-ness

I can see it now, and friends, and I look very good.

byebye for now,


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