Friday is upon us, isn't it great?


Friday is upon us, isn't it great?

Yes, I know its Saturday, but apparently Arizona doesn't believe in free wi-fi, so this post is up a day past its due, But do not fret, it is still relevant, so please, don't dismiss is to quickly.... or better yet, close your eyes and imagine its yesterday, then open them and read on.

 So right now I am sitting in the airport, heading to Arizona (my former home state) to watch my lovely wife walk across a stage in celebration of finishing a Physical Therapy Doctorate.  Very exciting indeed.  High fiveing her is in order and well-wishers should get on with their well-wishing.  She has finished an incredible accomplishment and we all should see that. But right now I want to talk about bike polo, it is awesome and everyone should play it.

I know that I have brought up bike polo before in passing, but right now I would like to call out all of those who have never tried it to go out and try it.  All you need is a bike, a mallet, a ball, and cool people that also want to play bike polo.  The bike is easy, almost everyone has a bike, even if they haven’t ridden it in years (it’s probably all dusty in the corner of some dusty room just begging to be wiped off and ridden).  Or, if you don’t have a bike, find your friendly local bike shop and purchase one. The mallet is a little trickier, but I’m here to help.  Take 6 inches of some PVC pipe and drill a half inch hole in the center, then take a 3 foot (or so) section of broken down un-skiable ski pole and stick it in to the pre drilled hole, anchor the ski-pole through the PVC with some 1 inch wood screws to secure the two together. And finally, wrap something comfortable to hold onto like bicycle handlebar tape, or velvet, or maybe suede around the other end, and VIOLA, bike polo is on your horizon.  The last two steps towards the undeniable fun of bike polo can be completed together.  Gather your awesome group of open minded friends (that have also read and acted on the mallet making directions) and all of you ride your bikes to the nearest sporting goods store, walk in and purchase a soccer ball (size 1 (the mini size)), then find a level (ish) surface and play bike polo.  It is going to be worth the time and effort of the previous steps, I guarantee it.  Now bike polo does have some rules like don’t put your foot down and don’t be a jerk, but right now I want to get you excited about polo, not bore your eyeballs out with regulations, so I’ll let you figure those out on your own.
The other possibility is that a lot of places already have some hot bike polo action happening and you can show up and play with those folks, and if they're anything like the folks around our town, they will welcome you with open arms, hug you with those arms (effectively closing them around you), and then invite you to play polo with them, you will say yes, and the newest, best chapter of your life will start.

Take this guy for instance:

He is handsome...

He is palying polo (very well, I might add) and having fun.

So go forth my friends and play polo, and when people ask “hey is that bike polo game fun?” you can answer with a big, wide smile “YES!”

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