When I get to Chicago....


When I get to Chicago....

Last year I spent a whole week in Chicago for the Tour de Fat, there was time spent setting up, training volunteers, working on bikes, at the show, tearing down the show, and even a few minutes at Navy Pier (not really a high-light, barely worth mentioning really).  There was lots of work to be done, but there was also free time to be had, and not once did I get to go to Medieval Times.  I spent hours trying to talk my co-workers into it, I even tried to talk a few strangers into it, but alas, not one other person wanted to go (you can't go to Medieveal Times by yourself, its just not as fun, who are you going to recount the awesome memories with?).

Well anyway, this year is going to be different, I will make it to Medieval Times.  I will be in Chicago from Monday July 6th through Monday July 14th and mark my words, things will get wierd at Medieval Times!



ps. If any of you folks want to go let me know, we can build shared memories together.

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