Have you ever wanted to ride in a gold limo?


Have you ever wanted to ride in a gold limo?

I was riding my bicycle over  to ReSource for some (what we call in the business) materials procurement when I discovered this beauty, with a FOR SALE sign on it. 

gold limo

Now normally, I am all bike all the time, but how many chances in your life do you have to purchase a gold limo?  Not many.  So right now, as I type this, my people are trying to pull together the funding required for this to be my new ride (it wouldn't even need pimping MTV, so lay off).  If you a interested in donating to the cause shoot me a quick email at SERIOUSLY,IWANTAGOLDLIMO@MYDREAMCOMETRUE.COM 

Every person that donates will receive one free ride in the gold limo, and I am talking about a ride in the back, sitting in style (the mini bar (that I can only assume it has) will not be complimentary).  So go out and buy a new suit, things are about to get classy.


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