Tuesday was fun.


Tuesday was fun.

So on Tuesday, me and the other carnies broke out the chalkboard paint and decided to see where the logical end of that scenario was.  If you take a close look at the can it says "create a chalkboard on virtually any surface"

" paint can

So we smeared it all over carnie-Pete's back (no picture of the back smearing, I forgot to take one (and lucky I forgot, because that would be awkward)) let it dry, then held a company wide mathematics competition.  I lost, some fellow named Mansford took the blue ribbon, and amazingly enough, Pete, while acting as the chalkboard, took 13th. 

After the fun of the contest we made some awesome itinerary boards using the same can of paint.  Usually the Tour de Fat prints custom banners for each city, each year.  But we figured, using some old doors and chalkboard paint we could make reusable itinerary boards that are more awesome, and more sustainable.  The carnie crew is always thinking... and our friends down at ReSource are always there to help.

BYEBYE (for now),


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