Well yesterday was great.  It was filled with meetings and costume making.  First the Costumes: we carnies are on a major tear in the costume world.  Making ours, other folks, just bunches of costumes.  Someone is going to get the great pleasure of wearing the sun.  Here is Todd holding it up for the world to see;


That totally looks like the sun, all bright and shiny and in front of Todd.  Totally awesome.

NEXT, the meetings.  They were fabulous... I went to two, one about stuff and the other about other stuff.  The second was so fun I drew this (look below) as a homage to it:

drawing of pirate ship

I love pirates and rough seas and drawing stuff on paper towels as tributes to other stuff. 

On a high note- both meetings did cover the very newest ideas in crowd enjoyment, so you folks gearing up for the Tour de Fat should get very excited, time is clicking by and before you know it we will be in your town letting the fun loose.



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