with disdain he says "blog about that!"


with disdain he says "blog about that!"

So in these cold and rainy days of summer in Fort Collins people need to find things to keep them busy during their breaks at work.  Here at the Beer Factory we play Foosball.  Normally I take to the view-bleachers for such contests, but lately I have been hankering for some good, old fashioned competition, I wanted to take to the pitch (I think that's what they call a Foosball table in England, but I am not sure (I 'm just trying to sound smart (and worldly)).

Here is the scene: Yesterday I stroll by the table and who's playing? The inter-web guys, Kurt and Aaron, these guys are the computin' types, so they should be good at Foosball right?  Correct, they are good at Foosball, but you know who's better?  ME! I won in a round-the-table-Foosball-death-match-for-three.  It is some weird game, rotating and three players out for themselves, like cut-throat (you know, for pool).  Any-who, during my (possibly over the top) celebratory dance (maybe I should have left my shirt on) the inter-web guys turn their backs and walk away (back towards their computers) disdainfully muttering "why don't you blog about that".  So I am blogging about it, right here and now. I am letting the world know. 

I do however for-see a rematch, and (oh,don't worry) I will let everyone know who won (assuming it's me (if its not me I will lie and say that it was me (I have a reputation to protect))).

But enough of my winning ways, let's briefly talk business: As you (may or may not) know (depending if you read Tuesday's post) the carnies workshop has turned into costume country.  The other day I showed everybody a picture of the sun costume (as modeled by Todd).  But the picture did leave a little to the imagination.  So here and now I will take the creative thinking out of most of the imagining:

the sun

all that's left is cutting a face hole in it and dressing somebody up in bright yellow tights.  This years Tour de Fat is going to be totally fun, and real outrageous.

bye for now,


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