It's Friday, and man does that feel good.


It's Friday, and man does that feel good.

So here we are at Friday... I thought it would never get here.  I was with the carnie crew in Denver a few days this week and that was some back and forth driving, not to mention that polo didn't go that well this week.  I have no explanation, I just played poorly and it made my week feel longer.  But jeepers folks, it almost over, and that means weekend shenanagins

The biggest shenanigan this weekend: the new Matter is releasing tonight and I get to dress up and work the door, and believe you me folks:  I will bounce some literary fools out of the place for being rowdy or generally disturbing anyone, I have a hair trigger, and it won't be pretty.  Have you ever seen "Roadhouse"? I am a lot like Patrick Swazye in "Roadhouse" (his name in the movie is Dalton,( is that first or last? I am not sure, but it is first and last in being awesome)) . For real though, if you happen to find yourself in Fort Collins (Old Town, you know the place:  it's called the Bean Cycle) this evening you should head on down and get fancy and get yourself a copy, it will make you smarter and it won't disappoint.

Then Saturday will happen.  Me and my lovely bride are heading into the woods.  We'll take the dog and set up a tent and have marshmallows and cans of beer, most likely Sunshine.  It will be grand. 

Then Sunday is BIKE POLO day, and turning my attitude around concerning BIKE POLO is just what thed doctor ordered.

So Friends I will now take my leave, but before I do take look at this photo and consider it; it is very worth considering.

bussmann in a helmet

bye for now,


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