David Bryne, Steven Seagal, and some carnie surgery


David Bryne, Steven Seagal, and some carnie surgery

DID YOU HEAR?!? DAVID BYRNE (of Talking heads and solo fame (not to mention some totally bad-ass Brian Eno Colaborations)) JOINED TEAM WONDERBIKE!!!  SERIOUSLY, HE DID!!!  ME AND DAVID BYRNE ARE IN THE SAME BIKE RIDING CLUB!!!!!!!!!!! CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!  You too could be on the same team as David Byrne, just go here and sign up . Eveyone should join Team Wonderbike, you get to help save the world and ride your bike, there is nothing un-awesome about that, and now that the celbrities are getting into it, the cool factor just shot throught the roof ( I am actively soliciting Scott Baio's future membership).

NEXT: When we were down in Denver setting up the stage in that huge warehouse last week I saw this movie poster:


I think the Acadamy should give this guy a life time achiement award, I mean come on; Under Siege, Under Siege 2, Marked for Death, Out for Justice, Glimmer man... the list goes on and on.  Not to mention he spawned these dudes, and they are pretty great.

And to all you folks who think the carnie life is all lollipops and free beer (and free beer flavored lollipops) I present this:


That there is a 3/8's of an inch piece of bloody, splintered wood Coleman (the new guy) pulled out of Todd's (the old guy) thumb.  This is dangerous work folks, but its worth it, because of the glory. 

on that bloody note, I'm out...



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