Happy Bike to Work Day!


Happy Bike to Work Day!

Happy Bike to Work Day (and week).  Those of us who are lucky enough to commute through natural areas, beside streams, or past lakes enjoy seeing little glimpses of nature.  Today I saw my fair share of little wonders: barn swallows swooping over fence lines, a red-tailed hawk soaring right over the open space by the railroad tracks.  I enjoy all these sights, but that's not the high point.  No, folks, I bet you'd be really surprised if I told you that every day, on my commute, I ride past Uranus.


Folks, it's true.  I'm sure you had no idea (though how I have no idea) that Uranus is part of my commute.  Technically, it's not part of my commute, as I just graze the edge of it.  Still, today, like most days, I feel my heart just skip a beat as I get closer to Uranus.

Uranus full view

I hope you all had just as good of a time on your bike commutes as I did on mine. 

Take care!


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