I want to trade my car for a bike in Chicago! by Vic


I want to trade my car for a bike in Chicago! by Vic

Zach and NB comrades,

Don't let the raised hood fool you- the putt still runs. This car was purchased brand new by my mom in 1972. There was an energy crisis back then too. Remember when you could only fill up your tank on certain days, and petrol stations ran dry? The Putt was there!

Putt's good sideThis is a Toyota Carina. You are probably more familiar with the Corolla and might even think that 'Carina' is a typo. But no! The Carina was imported for only 2 years back in the day. It remains a very popular car among drag racers in Finland and Puerto Rico.

So I thought Xzibit of Pimp My Ride might like The Putt. He didn't reply. Unbelievable.

Whatcha think? I learned to drive in this little gem. It could be yours.

Solidarity and cheers,


My mother's reaction-


What, you are getting rid of the Putt? Don't you dare!!! Give it back to me, it's loaded with memories. I drove you and Steph to school in that from your very first day, we treated it like a jeep and went over rocks and up and down the hills by Truckee, and to all the tennis matches. Maureen and I went out in it while Dee Dee baby sat. It was always crammed with kids before the seat belt law! Where is your sentimentality? Geez, have you been overcome by the heat? Whatever is the matter with you??? Just send it back with the beer in the trunk and the back seat. I will see that my little yellow gem lives out the rest of it's years in comfort and style. The nerve!


Don't even think of asking my daughter for this car! There are far too many memories locked up in there to give it away to smeone I have never heard of for some crazy sounding bike. And do you really have a brewery? I have never heard of New Belgium Beer and I have had a few over the years. Maybe we could talk-not negotiate, but I would be willing to be your west coast beer taster. Just don't get any ideas about the Putt!

Getting close to being off my Christmas list, The MOM

Btw- just in case, does the prize bike come in my size? I am 5'2".

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