The Midwestern World is my oyster, watch me crack it.


The Midwestern World is my oyster, watch me crack it.

Holy smokes, so much fun stuff has happened since last we spoke (figuratively, of course).  Lets see, there was the Fourth of July...which was real cool.  I went with some friends and loved ones to party where the rain couldn't stop the great cruiser bike racing.  It was bracket style, it was fun.  I lost in the finals last year, so I really wanted a win in the '09 (I have been training my face off), but alas, I lost in the early heats, the competition was real fierce, not to mention bar-b-que and blue paddle make for lousy teammates.  We then said our goodbyes and sauntered off to another celebration of freedom, we showed up to the festivities blowing up... There was bean bag toss (called corn hole in some parts of the world), washers, and my personal favorite- beer on stick.  This is a game where an empty bottle is placed atop a 5 foot piece of PVC staked into the ground and then you throw a Frisbee at it, more fun than a cook-out at the White house. 

Then of course there was some blowing up of things,  This picture should sum it all up:roman's candle

After some good times and some zaniness a few of us wandered over to city park to watch what professionals can do with flammable materials.  Bright and shiny, the only thing missing was "(You're a) Grand ol' Flag" blaring over loud speakers.  It was a patriotic time if I've ever had one, Thank you America, thank you.

Next was Sunday and we left town, driving fun times towards Chicago.  The carnie crew left at the crack of ten with trucks and van loaded and headed into the Colorado corn.  Along the way we had some fun times.  We stopped at the Amana Colonies, which was described to me as "the anti-technological stomping grounds of some Amish settlers", it turned out to be a huge tourist trap in the middle of Iowa that sold many things via computer such as cream soda, leather wallets, and cheese curds.  Here is Pete jamming on the biggest curd in the bag:


Now that is curd-tastic.

We then hit the road again, and kept driving.  The weather was nice and the vinyl seats in the truck barely even got sticky.  Over all it was comfortable.

Then somewhere in the middle of Illinois we started seeing signs for a big ol' antique mall.  We stopped.  Carnies love antiques, its like how guys from with great hair cuts love Camaros, its weird but real.  I scored a working, very excellent condition Royal Quiet Delux traveling typewriter........totally awesome, totally 20 dollars.

Then we got to Chicago, we have eaten well, enjoyed a few beers, wandered around like tourists, and even gone to a White Sox game where Paul Kenerko hit 3 home runs, including a grand slam. After the game we went to the Beer Bistro.  Real good sandwiches and many, many beers to be had, but the hi-light of this place is the tator-tots, delicious.  After dinner me, Coleman, and Craft wandered around the city until we found the giant silver bean.  This is what is looks like during the day:


 the bean

(and it's also real cool Team WonderbikePropaganda), but at night it just looks like a few security guards that yell at you about how the park is closed, so not quite as fun as going in the daylight hours.

Then we ajourned to the hotel, and it didn't even get akward at all, see:

two dudes

 So now you're caught up, but there are a few  more things worth mentioning....  If you are in Chicago and like to ride bikes around we are having a Team Wonderbike ride Thursday night, leaving Palmer Square Park at 7pm, bring friends, bring a bike, have fun with us.  It will be a fun cruise around the neighborhood and then will finish some place we can have a beer together.  And speaking of Palmer Square Park, Saturday is the Tour de Fat.  Its the first one of the season so we are extra excited parade registration starts at 9am parade leaves at 10, beer gets tapped at 11... See you there.




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