HOLY COW!!!!!!!!!


HOLY COW!!!!!!!!!

Well if two words could describe my feelings right now they would be "holy" and "cow"! That show (The Windy Cities Tour de Fat, of course) was amazing.  The set up went smooth on Friday (almost as if we had done it before), and then Saturday was off the chain. 

It all started with a coffee Friday morning, it was a good cup, and nothing like a good cup of coffee to start the day off right (an aside here; I have an amazing idea for a coffee shop, its a big, giant pile of coffee beans molded and glued to look like Jaba from Star Wars and the coffee is made inside the giant Jaba statue and passed out threw a window, we call it "Java the Hut"... Awesome huh? (maybe I should get out of the carnie-ing business and pursue my sci-fi villain based coffee shop ambitions)). Then we went to the park, and what a park.  (Rey Colon deserves a high five here.  Rey is the alderman for the 35 ward and has helped us out in the usage of Palmer Square Park, thanks Rey!)  Then we unloaded the heavy stuff and set up... easy as a very heavy pie.  Friday night sleep came easy.

Then Saturday, as stated above, was off the chain (that means good (I think)).  The parade was super fun.  People were all about it, and really went for it this year, costumes and bikes and crazy.  When we all got back to the park the beer was flowing and the the show started and everyone enjoyed themselves.  I even heard one guy say to (what I can only assume to be) his wife "this is way better than our wedding day."   Really, I think that is the best compliment we could have gotten.  Then break down went as smoothly as set up, and I was feeling like lifting lots of really heavy stuff anyway, so it worked out. 

So lets get to some numbers: Chicago's Tour de Fat was attended by 3000 (ish) people.  The beer that those folks drank, and the shirts, and socks and stuff they bought, and the donations they gave at the parade raised 22,000 dollars for West Town Bikes.  That's 22,000 bucks, that's a whole mess of money, people of Chicago you should be proud of yourselves, now reach around your side and deliver a heartfelt pat to your backside, you really shined.  One more number to deliver is this: 91.  That is the number marking the percentage of waste diverted.  Of the trash that all of us created on Saturday 91% of it was diverted from the land fill.  That is some serious composting and recycling efforts, deliver another self-inflicted pat on the backside Chicago, you done good.

Well thats is for the hi-lights, I'll hit you back soon and let you know how Minneapolis is doing (though, so far I'd say fantastic).

Until next time,


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