Mini-apolis, Mega-fun


Mini-apolis, Mega-fun

Well it's Thursday and life is sweet. 

Tonight, we (the crew) are heading out on this, and it's going to rule, and if you're in Minneapolis tonight you should come too.

And last night, me and a couple of the fellows took a night ride with some locals, we shredded, we had fun, one of our gracious hosts stuffed it and was pulling leaves and grass out of his mouth for like 10 minutes, it was awesome, and a little bloody. Beers were had, footdown was played, alleys and hills were conquered, then we ended at Bryant Lake Bowl.  Here is the only picture I took all night that that came out (and we're lucky because it is relevant to the link above):

night time at the bowing alley

 It was really fun and I would like to take a minute to thank our hosts..... Thank you.

And speaking of bike riding; Craft, Coleman, and I took a spin out on the Mid-Town Greenway, with Mr. Tim Springer (the executive director of the project) and he learned us good.  He told us about the accomplishments and struggles of the  Greenway, as well as some downright interesting facts, it was fun.  The Greenway is simply beautiful and very well thought out.  The Greenway Coalition happens to be one of the local non-profits benefiting from the Tour de Fat this weekend, so come down to the Parade Athletic Fields Saturday and drink a beer for them, it's going to be totally worth it (for you and them). While on our ride we stopped for lunch and hanging on the register of the cafe was this sign:

awesome sign

And on that note, I'm out.  See you Saturday.


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