Trade my car for a bike: Minneapolis


Trade my car for a bike: Minneapolis

Fire carI am an Minneapolis artist working with the city parks.  I have been contemplating the move to a scooter or bike commute for a few years now and think I could be convinced onto a beautiful new bike! I have been leaning on the excuse of my job, my daughter and my husband's job.

I run a program in the Minneapolis Parks called Art in the Park.  We bring lessons, materials and inspiration from the Minneapolis Institute of Arts to children (of all ages.)  That said I am out and about a lot.  But often I do not need a car to bring the materials.  Just me. 

I am married with a six year old. As urban dwellers we live and work relatively close to everything we need.  We currently have three cars.  I know bad bad bad.  Meera the 6 year old is open to  the bike commute and now has a tag along.

Another excuse - my husband's job as an artist puppeteer. He has the garage filled with raw materials and puppets room for a scooter. We do our best to carpool and use only one but each has a sentimental value attached.  I painted  the giraffe, and the family car, the sky van.  Mark my husband painted the "fire car" with his students.  We cannot agree on which to lose so we mostly park the cars and drive the van.
It would be a great photo opp.  My commute by car is 5 miles, likely less by bike.  Driving the giraffe makes me nauseous with exhaust.  I am ready for change!!!  What could we get for two cars!


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