There was nothing"mini" about it....


There was nothing"mini" about it....

Look, I know I already used the "mini" joke the other day, but I thought it was so uproarious I choose (consciously) to use it again.  But instead of pointing out which joke is "lame", or "overused" lets talk about today's festivities. They were super.  The first (of many, I foresee) Minneapolis Tour de Fat was real great.  The crowd was all about it and everyone had a great time.  We (you mostly) raised almost 12,000 bucks for some of your local cycling organizations just by coming to the park (ing lot) and hanging out... Kudo's to you, good people of Minneapolis, Kudos.

We (agian, mostly you) also carried a 92% waste diversion rate today. Out of all that trash only 14 pounds are headed to the land fill.  Give yourselves a high-five for taking care of your planet.

After all the fun was had, we tore down and put it all back in the trucks.  This is what my hands looked like after is was all in there:


 Well I better go, I smell so bad you could bottle the smell and sell it as a way to keep foxes out of your garden.  Thanks again Minneapolis, and we will see you next year.


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