VACATION!!!!! Then "work"


VACATION!!!!! Then "work"

So I'm back from a few sunny days of R-and-R in San Diego.  I slept on the beach, got sun burned, read some books, drank a few beers, then went to Lego-Land.  This happened:

mego, legoland

That's my lovely wife having the time of her life, you see that smile, watch out, it's contagious (and the bunny ears she is throwing on the lego camel are awesome, don't you think).

After San Diego I went to the Urban Assault Ride in Denver to preform some non-TDF work duties (teehee, I said duty).  It was real fun, Carnie Pete and I got to ride on the Mind-Eraser (no really, I was working), we sat in the front row.  The front row is real scary, but I felt I owed it to you (my kind readers).   Here is Pete just after the Mind-erasing fun was had:

pete post ride

He looks happy and a little nauseous. 

Well I think that about catches us up.... The Tour de Fat is heading towards Seattle in a few days and I can't wait, I love that town.  But before I go I want to share this ending note.  It's picture of the view over the railing while standing in line for the Mind-Eraser:


All those little dots and specks you see........ gum, as far as the eye could see. I wish my camera had a panoramic view to convey the magnitude of this gum depository, breath-taking.

I'm out.


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