Well we made it,  who knew that Seattle was so far from Fort Collins, man that took forever.  Anywho... There was some questions regarding the schedule for Saturdays event.... To clear all of that up I offer this:

Tour de Fat Seattle Schedule 2009!
10am - Parade Registration - arrive early!
11am - Parade leaves from Gasworks Park. The parade route is about 6 miles and should take one hour to complete.
12pm - Festivities begin at Gasworks!
5pm - Festivities conclude
Acts scheduled to perform...
* Sean Hayes
* The Pimps of Joytime
* Handsome Little Devils present: Squirm Burpee Circus
* Nanda
* Portlandâs Original Mini-Bike Dance Troupe: The Sprockettes
* Loyd Family Players Salsa Drum Corps


I hope that acts as a teacher, and we all take this time to learn something.  Also if you want to preregister for the parade go here... (and by "here" I mean follow the link located in the word "here").

I also want to share this with you:

pancake face

I ate him for breakfast, he was delicious, and once I ate his mouth I couldn't hear his screaming.

And don't forget the Team Wonderbike's Fantastic Bicycle Ride of Destiny.  We are going to meet at Gasworks Park (the site of Saturday's big time Seattle Tour de Fat) at 7pm and cruise about your fine city on our bicycles, then after a while we'll stop for some beers.  You should come (assuming you live in Seattle), and bring all your friends, and bring a real good attitude.

Bye for now....


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