Seattle=good time


Seattle=good time

Well we made it out of those good times intact, and everyone is better off having had them.  Let's recap, almost 11,000 dollars raised, one bike traded for a car, one cruiser given away, lots of good beer drinking times, and all with a 98% waste diversion rate.  If you look up awesome in the dictionary I'm pretty sure that's the definition.

So now we're off to Portland to do it all over again... Let's see if the City of Roses can enjoy themselves as much as Seattle.

And one more thing,  Coleman and I were out riding around Seattle having some bike shop times when low and behold, stuck directly to the bike rack outside Recycled Cycles was this:

road 34 sticker 

That there is a sticker from everyone's favorite Fort Collins, home-town bike shop (slash) bar, Road34.   Great place, and now they can say they have friends all over.

I'm out, we'll talk soon,


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