Portland, are you ready?


Portland, are you ready?

Before I get started with the meat of this post I would like to send out a heart felt thank you to the Sprockettes for the lovely gathering over at their house.  We had food, dessert, beer, fun.... Thank you, that was awesome.   

Alright lets get to it.  This here is the schedule for Saturday's upcoming Tour de Fat: 

Tour de Fat Portland Schedule 2009!
10am - Parade Registration - arrive early!
11am - Parade leaves from Waterfront Park. The parade route is about 6 miles and should take one hour to complete.
12pm - Festivities begin at Waterfront Park!
5pm - Festivities conclude

Acts scheduled to perform...
* Sean Hayes
* The Pimps of Joytime
* Handsome Little Devils present: Squirm Burpee Circus
* Nanda
* Portlandâs Original Mini-Bike Dance Troupe: The Sprockettes
* Loyd Family Players Salsa Drum Corps


For even more info go here......   Got it? Good.  Let us all gear up for the good time, dust off your costumes and come down to water front park in the mood for party times, and be forewarned... the parade is going to be more fun than bar-b-que at the Reagan's house.

And then there is tonight.  Team Wonderbike Bicycle Ride of Destiny.  The fountain by the Hawthorne Bridge at 6pm, we're riding up to the Clinton neighborhood to see if we can't get in on this action.

Meet us at the fountain at 6pm tonight for the good times.

And I leave you with this:

unicorn combover

I paid 1,500 dollars for that (worth every penny).



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