Boise and Buckhunter..... does it get any better?


Boise and Buckhunter..... does it get any better?

So you folks know how much I love the Buckhunter right?  Well I do.  This love stems from my uneasiness at shooting actual animals, so I relish in the shooting of virtual animals.  I'm not sure what this stems from (my need to hunt), but it's there and thanks to Boise I no longer have to bury that need deep in the recesses (I'm not sure I used that word correctly (but hopefully you get the jist)). 

I have been in Boise for less than 24 hours and I have already played like a million times.  It's as if every bar in the whole county is required to have Buckhunter.  Awesome.  And last night while at Mulligan's we played a whole bunch, and I finally found someone hanging around this crew that could beat me, Boise Beer Ranger Matt Stacy.  That guy is good, the rest of team TdF (other than me) is terrible at Buckhunter, and would like to take this minute to establish that.......... Done.

After the good Buckhunter times Mr. Stacy took us upstairs at the bar to find this:

photo baord

Its a little dark and a little blurry but that is me (awesome at Buckhunter) and Coleman (not very good at Buckhunter) and Craft (absolutly awful at Buckhunter (Like capitol A Awful)) locked up in a home-made Fat Tire themed photo board.  Really good times.  We then adjourned back downstairs and I continued to throttle all comers (except Boise Beer Ranger Matt Stacy) at Buckhunter.

I then had to use the restroom (normally I wouldn't bring up bathroom times, but this is great) and I saw this:


Best band name ever, and also wonderful sticker placement.  Upon further research I came up with this: nothing.  Man I wish I could sit here and type on this google machine and tell you that they are awesome and live up to their awesome name, or conversely that maybe they're not that good but I say it with words that tell you they're bad but I would do so in a nice way.  But zilch is found, but truly, I hold deeply to the wish that they are stupendous.

And remember Boise, we all need to take a Buckhunter break Thursday night to come to the Team Wonderbikebike Bicycle Ride of Destiny.  We're leaving from Anne Morrison Park (the site of Saturday's upcoming Tour e Fat) at 7pm.  Bring a bike and a smile, you will make new friends and ride bikes with them.   See you Thursday.


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