Just the facts....


Just the facts....

Ok, so I am aware that it is no longer Saturday, and I also know that right now I am sitting comfortably, 753 miles from Boise in my own house with fresh coffee, and a dog and cat (it's also Tuesday, and this post is supposed to be a Saturday night affair).  Which is about as far removed from Saturdays big ol' Tour de Fat as I could get right now, but Juicebox needed a few days to repair himself and get his head on straight.

And look at that, I back and repaired and my head is only slightly askew, so here it goes.  Boise, Thank you.  That was one of the best Tour de Fat's ever.  I mean that.  You could also ask SWIMBA, TVCA, or the Boise Bike Project, I think they'll agree.  Combined all of us together raised over 42,000 dollars for those folks.  That is 42,000 dollars headed back into your community, that is a whole lot of cheese (or potatos in your case).  We did that  money raising with over a 90% waste diversion rate as well, and with over 6,000 people that's a lot of trash not going to the land fill.

So, thank you to all the individuals involved, and especially a huge thank you to you Boise, you're a class act.

So for today, I leave you with this:

rollerblade dancer

That guy is from Boise, he is having an awesome time, and he is dancing on his rollerblades.  Real deal fun.

Until next time,



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