Denver.... then SSWC!


Denver.... then SSWC!

Alright so this is Saturdays post coming at you a little late, again, but what are you going to do.  Denver was great.  That show went off.  We raised 32,000 dollars.  32,000 dollars.  That's a lot of money, and it went to Bike Denver, Flight for Life, and the Derailer Bicycle Collective.  So everybody reach around their backsides and give yourself a good, firm pat on the fanny.  And with all that money we carried over a 95% diversion rate.  That is a lot of garbage not headed to your landfill.  Again, pat yourself on the backside.

My favorite moment of the day came at the end, when the Pimps of Joytime came back on for a final encore, the skies had darkened, and the rain had started to fall and everyone was dancing and there were so many smiles abroad.  The weather couldn't stop us, and it couldn't stop the Pimps.  It was amazing, the amount of fun and energy.  That, my friends, was a real good time. 

But then the rain kept falling and break down was not as cool.  We were all wet and cold and grumpy.  Everything was soaked, our trucks must have picked up an extra 500 pounds from all that water.  But not to worry, over the course of Monday and Tuesday we unloaded everything, dried it all in the sun and loaded it back in.  We had to, or San Francisco may have had to come up with ways to use our mold farm effectively (they surly could have done it, but why make them) and nobody wants that.

So onward and upwards my friends.  We're leaving for San Francisco a bit early this year and making our way down to Durango for the Single Speed World Championships.  This is going to be a great weekend.  I'll get to shred bikes, get weird, catch up with old friends, and most likely do all of the above while drinking beer.  This is going to be a hoot.  and if you're anywhere near southwestern Colorado this coming weekend you too should come on down, there will be fun for all.

And lastly I would like to post a picture of my dear freind and fellow carnie Coleman.  Coleman and I are in a gang together that has recently started to wear denim vests to show the world our toughness.  But this picture shows that Coleman was super tough even at a young age:

a young, tough Coleman

now it's a little blurry because it is (in fact) a picture of a picture (I do not own one of them fancy scana-ma-tronic-ers), but it clearly shows Coleman, in a tough looking jean vest, with his bike flipped upside down (for tricking out) in the background.  That guy has been tough as nails for years, and I (for one) am happy to be associated with him.

Bye for now,



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