SF and a quick catch up.


SF and a quick catch up.

Well it has been a few days since the single speed world championships and man was it fun.  But onto current events.  Its Thursday in San Francisco, that means Team Wonderbike Bicycle Ride of Destiny.  We are meeting at Speedway Meadow (the site of Saturday's TDF) in Golden Gate Park at 6pm, bring friends, smiles.

Now I want to tell you about today. We rode across this:


And yes it was as foggy, cold, and windy as it looks.  But over all it was super fun.  upon crossing we descended to the sunny heaven of Sausalito.  It was warm and full of delicious sandwiches.

Then after we went to Fort Point and I found a mannequin that looks just like Coleman.  Take a look, picture one is the mannequin:

maybe Coleman?

Now look at the real Coleman:

the real Coleman?

 It's weird, they're like twins.

Anywho.  Get ready for Saturday, it's going to get awesome.

Talk soon.


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