San Diego Summer-time Fun


San Diego Summer-time Fun

Well it is right now Sunday at 6:51 pst and I just woke up from a really pleasant nap.  Yesterday (and preceding days) really took it out of me, so this afternoon at 1ish (pst) I turned on the hotel TV and quickly found one of my favorite movies of all time (and coincidentally, set right here in San Diego) "Top Gun".  Man, that movie has everything, good guys, bad guys, internal conflict among the good guys, communists, jet planes, Val Kilmer, missiles, beach volleyball... one of bests.  Except today it was missing one thing, a captive audience.  Maverick and Goose hadn't even gone inverted over the mysterious Russian and this guy (meaning me) was totally asleep, not even the sound of an uncontrolable flat spin (and the terribly tragic death of America's nicest good guy (Anthony Edwards as Goose)) could wake me from my slumber.  I was plum tuckered out. And I'll tell you why:

San Diego Tour de Fat was awesome.  It was our first year here in the Plymouth of the West (seriously, that's a nickname for San Diego (really, just ask the Google)) and it went very well.  It started with a  parade that I could not find a single fault with (i mean, you folks love your cruiser bikes).  Then the show happened and we raised over 20,000 dollars and carried a 96% waste diversion rate (that is incredible by the way).  The beer mote was a little weird, but hey, we all dealt with it well, and we moved forward.  So, we thank you Southern California, and SDMBA thanks you and SDCBC thanks you (those are the bike riders that took home the cash).  That there was a lot of thank you's, but you deserve them all.

And since we're talking about "Top Gun" do you guys think Coleman looks like Goose? Lets compare (this is similar to the time we compared Coleman to that mannequin (but a little different)).  First Goose:

the real goose

Now Coleman:

coleman as goose

 They are like the same person (at least twins, or brothers, or look-a-likes).  

But quick (and awesome) digression aside, thank you San Diego.  I had a real nice time, and we will see you next year.


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