Tempe, I just woke up.


Tempe, I just woke up.

Well what can I say?  I have been sleeping for days and I just woke up, and holy smokes, I still don't think I have recovered.  That was (attendance-wise) the second largest show ever, and money-wise the biggest.  We (together (and at first count)) raised 63,000 bucks.  That there is a huge number.  And the people of Tempe had a real fun time, and the TdF crew joined them in the fun having shenanigans.  Thank you Tempe, that was a special day.

And speaking of Tempe, did you folks know that I broke a very real and well regarded record.  We (the carnies) were hanging out in the hotel bar (w xyz) and served in snacking bowls at said bar are wasabi peanuts.  The bartender (Bricks, nice person) said that the record for wasabi peanuts in the mouth at one time was 15.  Now I have been known in the past for poor decision making as well as not backing down from a challenge, so I went for it.  When all was said and done I put 50 (five-zero) in my mouth at one time.  There was some back and forth between a few of us as the number went up, but when I threw down the gauntlet it was heard with a crash.  And this is what it looked like:


 The picture is a little grainy and hard to see, but it clearly indicates the difficulty of the challenge.  It was painful and it took several days for my mouth to recover, but it was worth it.  Somebody call Guinness because I'm pretty sure that record will stand forever.

Then we left Tempe and drove for what seemed like forever.  West Texas is a huge and desolate place.  It was lonely and long, but we made it to Austin and that is where I sit now, at the beautiful San Jose Hotel.  But quickly let me tell you about the other night.  We played Ping Pong at a bar.  More bars should do this.  I think that if every bar in America had a Ping Pong table (maybe there should be a law (or maybe just some kind of regulation)) the citizens of this fine country would be happier more of the time.  I mean really, I think it is impossible not to smile while playing Ping Pong (and for the few hours following).  We should all write our Congress-person.  Lets do that now, follow the link and let them know you want a Ping Pong table in every bar in America.

And if your in Austin on Thursday head over to Monkeywrench Books at 7:30 and hear some readings from the newest Boneshaker.  It will be fun and might make you smarter (and in turn better looking).

On that note, I'm gone.


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