From festival to festive


From festival to festive

It's weird to me that we move from Tour de Fat season to winter. I associate Tour de Fat with summertime fun and yet we had snow prior to the final show. But that's Colorado for you.

So, here we are embarking on Winter Folly. Did you notice all the snow falling on our website? Yes, we winterized the site and added some really cool snowy shots of the brewery and bikes from our own Tye Eyden. And then there's the whole delightful microsite featuring glassware, games and good beer. You have to check out the sing-a-long featuring yet another creatively-talented coworker, Matt Kowal. He's fresh off the road as Tour de Fat maestro. Hey! Now it's all tying together for me - you know the Tour de Fat/winter/Tye/Matt/singing/beer thing?

I'm going to go celebrate my epiphany with a Frambozen. Yes folks, the raspberry delight is back. Find out if it's at your favorite beer store with our handy Libation Location. Or move to Fort Collins. That makes finding our beer super simple.

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