The Dawn of a New Era....


The Dawn of a New Era....

And seeing as how this is about as close to dawn as I ever come (in the waking up hours), the title of this post is pretty spot on.  So let me tell you about it.  Over the last couple years ol' Juicebox has been out road-warrior-ing for the Tour de Fat (everyone's favorite traveling bicycle carnival) but now, as of 9:00am this very morning I am starting a new job.  I now (well in an hour or so) work in the HQ based Liquid Center.  I am going to be conversing with guests, telling stories, and serving beer to the fine folks that travel long and far days to the Mothership.  But worry not my dear internet friends, I will still be here to tell you all about it.  And to show you that the more things change, the more they stay the same, I present this picture to you:


That there is a beef "e" beef, and I ate it.  We were out on a long bike camping expidition and I got hungry.  We stopped at a gas station and it caught my eye, I bought it.  My first thought was "why is the E in quotations" (or, why is the E even there (why not call it beefy beef?)), then I took a bite and stopped worrying, it was delicious, and at least beef wasn't in quotations.  Then I pedaled on up the canyon and was satisfied.

So there it is my fine readers, and till next time,


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