I left work Saturday night like every other day and headed home to start enjoying my weekend.  There was some family time, some skiing time, and some time dedicated to general merriment.  I even had the unbelievable pleasure (imagine a sarcastic intonation there) trying to buy a couple new shirts.  After the last few years my wardrobe has grown tired, and slightly ragged, and with the new job, I felt classing my act up a little was due.  But let me tell you, shopping was to hectic, so I turned my bicycle around after only two stops and proceeded home where thousands of people weren't trying to buy things to a holiday sound track.  Upon reaching home I got to play with my dog.  We went for a walk, he got to wrestle another dog in the park named Moose (clarification; the dog is named Moose, not the Park), all three of us had the time of our lives. 

And then Tuesday rolls around and I head back into work, like I have done so many other times.  But today was different my friends, different indeed.  I walked directly into the most wonder-filled winter wonderland I have ever seen. 


holiday erin

Festive right?

 There are snowflakes and homemade snowglobes, trees made of glassware and trees made of bottles, snow everywhere, not to mention all sorts of holiday related merchandise hanging up. Crazy.  And to think just a few days ago it was business as usual (you know, non-holiday usual), and now; Welcome To the Holidays (where does the time go?).

Anywho, come on down to the Liquid Center, we have 2below Winter Ale on tap and a ton of gift ideas, not to mention holiday cheer coming out of our ears. 

See you soon,


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