Thursday, lets talk.


Thursday, lets talk.

OK, so if you didn't know, it is absolutely freezing in Fort Collins these last few days.  And I mean really cold.  I had about 2 square inches of my face exposed yesterday morning on my bike ride into HQ, I thought I was going to have to swing by urgent care for a quick frost bite treatment, I was convinced my nose had turned that weird black you see in the Everest disaster movies, like the oven burnt black on a really messed up party pizza.  It felt bad, but turns out I was fine, over-reaction is my middle name.

But my complaining aside lets talk about this coming weekend.  The big news is Sunday's happening:

Holiday Folly For Charity - A New Belgium Event Featuring Kyle Hollingsworth
New Belgium Brewing Company_Fort Collins, CO
United States

Kyle Hollingsworth of the String Cheese Incident will be joining us here at the Mothership for a very special event on December 13th. Featuring an intimate performance with the Kyle Hollingsworth Band,  the evening will also include a silent auction, an amazing selection of esoteric beers and a chance to take home a New Belgium Cruiser, some rare String Cheese memorabilia, and Kyle's latest release.  All the while raising funds for the Larimer County Food Bank.  In case that wasn't enough to entice you, here's a little more:


  • - Our brewers are collaborating with Kyle to create a special, one of a kind, brew for the event.
  • - VIP tickets include an exclusive tour of the brewery with Kyle Hollingsworth.
  • - The Liquid Poet's society of Fort Collins will be joining us for the evening to sample folks on one of their holiday offerings.
  • - Food will be provided by Cheba Hut
  • - Each person will take home a commemorative beer glass from the night


For more information and to purchase your tickets you can visit our Liquid Center or go to:

VIP tour - 3.45 pm

Event 6-10 pm

That event is going to be an 11 on the scale of awesomeness (and that scale is only supposed to go to 10), and don't tell me it isn't going to rule, because I hate pointing out the mistakes of others.

Now lets back track a little, to last weekend.  I went to New Orleans to visit some family, it was fun, and packed full of family time (which I really enjoy).  We went to a festival in Belle Chase, it was the Orange Festival.  It was full of rides (totally safe), and games (totally not rigged), and a giant carpet slide.  I'm not sure if you know this but I love giant carpet slides (the idea (for those that don't know) is that is a big ol' slide, maybe 3 stories, made of plastic, and you sit on a burlap sack (historically carpet ( I guess)) and then you slide down, fast).  If I could build giant carpet slides everywhere and use them as my primary form of commuting I would.  I would ditch my bike faster than a hobo ditches a barrel fire.  And think about how fit I would get walking up all those stairs every morning and night, and there would have to be a whole bunch of stairs to have a slide tall enough to function well as a commuter and take me the 2 miles to work.  But I am also not a huge fan of rules, they (rules) stifle creativity, fun, and most importantly; danger.  And that there is my main complaint for the Orange Festival organizers.  Look at all these rules:

There were so many rules they all didn't fit in the frame.  And look at that one that says "NO JUMPING HUMPS"  what does that even mean? And how is extra fun supposed to be achieved if you can't even slde head first? I would like to state here first that if I have my way the world's highways and by-ways are converted to giant carpet slides the only rule would be "YOU BETTER BE SMILING".

On that note, I better get back to work.



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