let's do some catching up.


let's do some catching up.

Well it's Friday, and TGIF to you all.  You are just a few short hours away from the weekend, and here at New Belgium HQ we hope that you make this Saturday/Sunday combination plate the best two days of your life.  Get out there and do something awesome, but before you do let's catch up, you know, recap the last few days.

Starting with Monday.  I had the day off, the in-laws were in town and we had spent the weekend succeeding in the search for family fun (and you know how much I love the family fun). We had been relaxing, hanging out, drinking a few beers, you know... general merriment.  Then Monday morning rolls around and we decide to make a nice breakfast; scrambled tofu, potatoes, a couple pancakes on the side and the wife and I are tag teaming the cooking duties.  I am over at the stove and she is doing some chopping, spinach, tomatoes, garlic, her thumb.  That is when things got bloody, and hungry.  We had to slam the brakes on breakfast and hustle over to urgent care for some suchers, 3 suchers in fact, and some glue on the nail.  It was a nasty cut, but clean (i do keep the knives sharp) but she'll pull through just slightly worse for the wear.  See, even post bandage she was in good spirits:

 she is fine

(And no, I don't think its weird to take photographs of loved ones in times of pain and suffering.  My family has a long and rich tradition of documenting injury, dating back to my distant and long past Uncle William's lithograph of his brother getting kicked in the groin by a horse.  True reporting, true family history.) The bummer that went along with the bummer of her slicing herself up was that we didn't get to enjoy breakfast, or even eat it for that matter.  We pushed onto lunch, and that is never as good.

Then came Wednesday.  Winter bike bike to work day.  It was great, I pulled into work to be greeted by friendly faces and free sandwiches catered by none other than The Fly-by Diner.  Eggs, ham, cheese, and love all wrapped up in some delicious ciabatta bread.  And on top of all that there was a nice fire to be warmed up by (to be fair though, it wasn't that cold, barely even 32 degrees).  And even further on top of all of that awesome stuff there were some pretty awesome people to talk with.  Take this guy for instance:



That there is Nick, he helped stoke the fire, greet people and he was always there for hanging out.  At one point we discussed the upcoming ski season at Steamboat as well as our hope that some day all beverages will be offered in 24 ounce camouflage cans.

And that brings us to today.  I'm hanging out in the LC (HQ code fot the Liquid Center) pouring beers and chit-chatting with all comers.  So head on down, get yourself a minature glass of 2Below (or even fill your growler and drink it by a fire somewhere) and maybe we can chit-chat about life or love or my want to wrestle a mountain lion, your decision.



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