Well it sure ain't Monday anymore.


Well it sure ain't Monday anymore.

That is right folks, it is now Tuesday.  And what does this Tuesday hold?  Lots of things.  First there was the waking up that happened.  I woke up naturally, not with the terrible buzz of the worst invention ever, but instead under my own accord, albeit at 5:15am and well earlier than was required, but man, not hearing the infernal clacking of an alarm clock was great.  I then walked into the kitchen to find that the chili that I made last night (and told the world about here) had been left on the stove.  I was so satiated and tired from the preperation and dispatching of said dinner that I picked up my book, read for a couple minutes, and promptly fell asleep (not properly storing the fine culinary creation (and leaving it to stew in its overnight juices)).  At first I was worried that I may have left it to gather harmful micro-flora that could come back to haunt me, but I quickly got over that and had a bowl for breakfast.  It was even more delicious the second time around, and further good news is that I made (what seems like) 200 gallons so I will be able to enjoy it for the coming weeks.  One reason that I bring this whole incident up is that I wanted to share with you the possibilities of adding 1554 (an Enlightened Black Ale) as a wonderful chili ingredient.  I added one bottle to the browning meat and a second towards the end, it lent a wonderful flavor and aroma to the chili that would make you salivate like a carnie in a corn-dog booth.  So next time you make chili maybe try making this chili, or just pour a bottle or two into your own recipe.  It will be totally worth it (trust me).

So lets get past the chili, but stick with the edibles for a bit.  I was recently in Jax Mercantile (right here in Fort Collins) buying some new socks (I had a gift card from the recent holiday and I have very snobby tastes in socks (my socks generally cost more than the rest of my thrift store garnered ensemble combined (I believe in healthy, happy  feet))) and in the impulse-buy section of the checkout line they have a vast array of candy and other snack-ables, and front and center was the "JAW-BUSTERS" (formerly "JAW-BREAKERS").  At first I was shocked that this candy is still around and can be procured so easily.  Then I was taken further aback at this little bit of info:

jaw breakers

They refer to this product as a food.  Up there in the right hand corner it says it plain "A FAT FREE FOOD".  Now (awesome alliteration aside) when did  "JAWBUSTERS" leap from the candy designation to the food category?  Or did candy as a whole move up the chain?  Did a bunch of guys in 3 piece suits and fabulous mustaches (that is what I picture as a Candy Coalition) get together and lobby the makers of "the Lists and Categories of Ingestibles" for the upgrade?  I'm confused.  How does something like this happen?  Are there really makers of "Lists and Categories of Ingestibles"?  And what is really going on here?  Frankly, the next time something like this goes down I want a voice in the matter, I feel as if the public has been left of in the cold on this.  We need to stand up and be counted here people.  Lets make our voices heard.

And lastly, I love Blue Paddle.  I love that lit match start and the earthy finish, I love the easy drinking nature of it.  But most of all I love the pour:

the foam

If properlly exicuted by your favorite bartender (or Liquid Center Representitive) the foam blasts out of the top of the glass with abandon, it's breath-taking, come on down to HQ and get yourself one, (again) it's going to be worth it.

On that note, I'm late for work.  Until next time my friends.


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