It Is 2010.


It Is 2010.

So a big question remains... do we say twenty-ten or two thousand ten?  Is there one that is more correct?  What does Obama say?  What do you say?  I think I'm going with twenty-ten, it's faster and more to the point.  There are less syllables wasted and more time spent saying other, more important things like "man, I wonder if I still can get some more Frambozen?" (you can, head on down to the Liquid Center, we have some for you), or "that movie "the Hangover" was really funny, but I'm really glad that didn't happen to me."  So I guess it's solved then: twenty-ten it is (at least for me (if you feel differently let me know (maybe we should have a vote?))).

I guess I should mention this:  the other morning on my bike ride into HQ I ran across this little fellow:

a little fox

He was just wandering around peeing on stuff and letting me follow him.  I slowly rode behind the little guy for 4 blocks, every now and then he would turn around and stare at me making sure I wasn't going to mess with him (which for the record I didn't, I stayed a good 25 yards from him and caused zero panic from him, or me).  And when I use the term "follow" it's not like i went out of my way, he continued on the path that I would have normally taken to work, I just went slower than usual so I could hang with him.  For a while there I thought he might be heading to the Mothership, you know for a couple tasters and maybe a growler to go (wouldn't that be hilarious, a little fox walking into the LC getting his free taster tokens, enjoying a couple small glasses of beer, then getting his growler filled?  What would he order?  I bet he'd get Blue Paddle and 2Below for tasters and take an Abbey jug to go (he seems like that kind of fox) But where would he keep the growler for the walk home?  Could he even carry it?  I would like to think I would help him home with it, but maybe it would take to long to leave work?  I guess I could clock out, then do it.).  But alas, he turned sharply and ditched me.  No tasters for Mr. Fox.  That is the way it goes I guess.

Anywho... I hope your coming year (twenty-ten) is totally awesome and it starts with a totally awesome today.


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