Pow Wow week is over and a re-calibration is needed.


Pow Wow week is over and a re-calibration is needed.

So the big week is over.  All of the Beer Rangers have gone home and here at HQ we are trying to recover.  All of the meetings and hanging out have come to an end and now we need to concentrate on the task at hand.  And for me that is this post.  I have been really busy lately so the blog has suffered and for that I apologize, but today promises to be a doozie.  We are going to start with this:

sharpie times

This is a bunch of folks sitting around at the best bar in town after a Sharpie got taken out.  Then the fun got catapulted to the moon, and what we have there is Sharpie art to the finest degree. 

You too can this much fun with a Sharpie, and here is how:  step 1. enjoy a couple of 2Belows with your pals.  Step 2. find a sharpie.  Step 3. start drawing hilarious things on your hands like mustaches, eye patches, tear drops, earrings, whatever.  This recipe for humongous fun is a guarantee to take any regular night and make it a night to remember (like prom, or that time you got your finger stuck in a bottle). 

Item two: It has been getting warmer around these parts over the last few days and it makes me pine for spring.  All I want is a few warm days tied together so I can go out on a bicycle without covering my entire face and dressing up in a down mountaineering suit.  I long for the day in which jean shorts are possible again.  I have a new pair (just cut them off (maybe I jumped the seasonal gun a little (but man I need some spring))) and they look really good.  They are (as usual) cut just slightly above the knee, but because of the seasonal nature of shorts-wearing and the total under use of this specific pair they are not yet properly frayed.  And a pair of cut offs without the right fraying is just not right.  So I would like to use this public platform as a way to launch Jean Shorts January!  Jean Shorts January! is a new holiday I just made up, but it is going to be awesome (and a really good way to start the natural fraying of my new beauties).  The date is (this) Friday, January 22, 2010 (twenty-ten) and we are going to celebrate by wearing cut off jean shorts (all day) in the cold.  And I want to see pictures of your own revelry (deposit them here: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/newbelgium?ref=ts) and maybe together we can jump-start the warmer times.  And as a bonus, if you are in the Fort Collins area whilst celebrating Jean Shorts January! come on by the Liquid Center and we can celebrate in jean shorts together with tasters of Fat Tire (or whatever your heart desires), then maybe we can all meet in old town for a celebration of denim and scissors.  It will be great, I promise.

Thats all I got, I hope your today achieves a level of awsome only ever previously heard about,

warmest regards,


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