Tomorrow is Jean Shorts January!  and it is a real holiday.  If your boss hasn't given you the day off yet, don't worry, that kind of generosity takes time (not to mention the forward thinking involved in granting such an exciting day off) and as we move forward through the years of Jean Shorts January! we will gain more and more recognition, and someday we will all be given the rights to enjoy our favorite day in a place other than work, the river maybe, or eating lunch at your favorite sawdust and peanut shell covered saloon.  Wear your jean shorts with pride and class tomorrow and we can all be happy.

 Here are a couple examples to inspire you-



jorts 1


And remember, if you come into the Liquid Center in your jean shorts I will personally high five your hand, then, post high fives, we can enjoy some tasters together.  But if you are in a place that you just can't make it over to HQ, take some pictures of the revelry and post them here : then we can all cyber-laugh together while enjoying the good time and jean shorts.

As an end note I would like to mention the latest Lips of Faith offering; Dark Heather Saison. It is a dark saison carrying a deep red hue.  Heather tips are used to flavor and bitter the beer, while cardamom and black pepper spice it to a wonderful, savory, creamy "winter warmer".  So head on down (maybe tomorrow, in your jean shorts) to the LC and enjoy one, it will be nice.



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