It is Tuesday, which is my Monday, but (alas) your Tuesday.


It is Tuesday, which is my Monday, but (alas) your Tuesday.

Hey everybody, we have a lot of ground to cover today, so lets lay out the agenda in list form (so everyone is on the same page):

1. Weekend overview.

2. Ranger IPA teaser.

3. Jean shorts January! recap.

4. 18 hours of Fruita declaration.

5.  Well wishing of your day to come.

So my weekend started Saturday night at 6:30pm (mountain time) with a shift beer.  I had Tom's Beer, in a big glass.  We had just completed a birthday toast for Rachael, and we we're all about to head over to The Best Basement Bar in America (the Lonesome Pigeon) for a celebration.  Upon arriving there (The Best Basement Bar in America) hanging were awesomely huge (and awesomely embarrassing) pictures from Rachael's childhood (thank you Mrs. Meuller).  We enjoyed Blue Paddle, Fat Tire, and 1554 from corn cups, and further cheers were directed towards the birthday girl.  Then the dance party started.  There was some good dancing, but not much, and there was some tremendously bad dancing.  It was like a one legged robot trying not to do the Robot.  I was red-faced just watching, then I danced, and it got much worse.  I am (as you may have guessed) a terrible dancer, but as with most things, put a couple of beers in me and I think I'm fantastic (at one recent point in my life Nigel Lythgoe wrote me a personal check (for $67 American) to stop having beers, then calling the offices of Fox Brodcasting's "So You Think You Can Dance" and in the memo line of said check he scribed "you do not dance well, not even after a few beers").  But by all accounts the party was an awesome time and the cake tasted good and we all had Fun.  Then Sunday happened, I read and cleaned and read (oh, and i took a nap). Monday was about the same, only more sleeping and less cleaning.  So in the end, I guess the weekend kind of petered out (and so will this paragraph).

Next up: Ranger IPA teaser.  So most of you know by, Ranger IPA is on the roll out, and as of now it is available in Folly Packs, and coming next week (Feb. 1) the big release.  It will be everywhere, and its hoppy goodness will be tasted by all who approach it, and we can have a really good chat about the benefits of this hoppy beer (some examples; the wonderful hops characteristics, the citrusy aroma and flavor, the finish).  And I would love to show you this:

gillman looking good

That is our very own Todd Gilman looking (fairly) handsome standing in a pile of hops.  This is the wonderful shadowbox (diorama?) ad to accompany Ranger IPA.  And this next photo is (also) our very own Bubba Speed doing his best Gilman impersonation (and I think he's pulling it off):


Talk about looking good. 

So there it is folks, Ranger is on the way, so when you see it you should get some, it does taste really good.  Then head on down to the Liquid Center and we can chit-chat regarding its advantages.

Item 3.  Jean Shorts January! recap.  I am going to keep this quite brief as we have really hammered JSJ! home over the last few days.  It was a serious success, and I think the initial campaign to declare National Holiday status was heard loud and clear (I heard a rumor that a certain calender company has all ready changed the layout of 2011 calenders to include it!).  But I think this picture sums the whole thing up:


What a day.

 Forth:That's right, you read item 4's listing correctly.  Ol' Juicebox is going for it (and by "it" I mean 18 hours of Fruita solo).  I am prepping for everyone's favorite early May race, 18 hours of Fruita, and I am doing so for the solo category.  What that means is that I will start the race at 12am and (hopefully) still be riding at it's 6pm conclusion.  Now some of you might be sitting back and saying to yourself "why would anyone want to ride a bike for 18 hours in a row?"  and I do not know the answer to that question.  However I think I may come up with something about 10 hours in (and if I don't we're in real trouble).  So there it is, you heard it here, and yes, through  the coming weeks I will be keeping you appraised of the training situation, as well as race details should you also want to participate.

And right when your thinking to yourself "will this post ever end?"  I swing at you with this>  Have an Awesome day! and remember:  When the going gets tough, the tough sits on their front porch with a Fat Tire and sees the possibilities open up before their eyes.


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