The time has come.


The time has come.

Well, the time has arrived friends, and it has arrived with gusto.  Let me be the first (or possibly the second) to direct you to the new Rangerland.  It is from here that you can meet the new Ranger IPA, see who your local New Belgium Beer Ranger is, or even get into (your very own) Ranger uniform.  Then (after your exploring Rangerland has finished, and your parched and in need of thirst quenching) go to the "I Want Some" clickable ICON and there you can find where to buy the hoppiest offering from New Belgium in one of your favorite package stores, or even, one of the many neighborhood watering holes now offering Ranger on tap.  Just head on into Rangerland and click on the map, and from there you can see your destiny. 

But don't take my word for how awesome all of this is, just take a look at Meghan all uniformed up and looking official:

looking official

See what I mean, Awesome (capitol A).

And if you want to have as much fun as Meghan is having in that picture, come on down to the Liquid Center, have a taster of Ranger, and stick your grill in the face hole, then snap a photo, or just stand there, looking out.

See you soon,



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